End to End Agile Testing Services with Continuous Automation to support your Business growth.

In this competitive world many IT organizations across the Globe are adopting Agile as there software development life Cycle. As the development strategy is changing day by day, Quality Assurance and Testing teams also have to competitive in the same strike to hit the Goal.

Single Point TechnologiesS is a reliable testing partner in various stages of adopting Agile. Whether you are just emerging or a well-established in agile process we bring Value addition to your Business by evolving QA planning, estimation and metrics into your sprints. We also help in improving test coverage, velocity, and quality. Agile method comprises of bands of teams working in a different environment making the situation even more

challenging in communicating, governing and maintaining. To address these challenges, Single Point Technologies has developed a well proven test approach that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with client’s agile development processes or hybrid development processes

Single Point Technologies Provides Agile Testing services with a Suite of pre-built test Strategy that dovetail into the development environment and help to identify errors, reduce efforts and eradicate redundancy and strengthen QA of the applications even as they are being developed.

Let Single Point Technologies Agile Test Experts help your organization to get the most out of your agile Process.


End to End Performance Testing and Robust Application Behavior.

Single Point Technologies has a persistent Performance Testing Team for providing solutions and frame works on performance testing for worldwide Clients. Our Testing teams have extensive experience in End-to-end performance

services,Bottleneck analysis and benchmarking, Testing Tool Feasibility, Application performance monitoring. We employ a logical phase-wise approach for Performance Testing to ensure the optimal performance for your applications, networks and devices. Single Point Technologies Testing Team also focus on extensive range of applications including client-server, web, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, high volume transaction systems, and highly complex applications.

Our performance testing covers performance engineering, including capacity planning, baseline test, load, stress, endurance and benchmarking against competitors, production monitoring and consulting


Reduce manual Effort and accelerate regression testing.

To meet the market needs the frequency of online software releases cycles are also increased which in turn gives a challenge for the testing Team for regression automation. Single Point Technologies helps the Customers to meet the test automation objectives at a faster pace and in an effective manner.

Based on the type of application/Product, Single Point Technologies designs the best automation framework by bringing all the best practices together, wherein, the test management tools are integrated with automation tool. Eventually, this helps to achieve consistency and faster test execution as well as easy maintenance of the automated test scripts.

Single Point Technologies Automation Team mainly focus on reduction of the overall testing effort resulting in noticeable cost benefits to the clients, improving testing efficiency, especially critical for digital transformation initiatives


Well-equipped to provide the extensive testing of hybrid mobile apps

In the changing comprehensive market, companies are release their applications in multiple platforms and devices to meet the benchmark. Single Point Technologies provides mobile testing services for both functional and non-functional testing of mobile applications. With our proven methodology and processes for mobile application testing, we ensure that your application has perfect functionality and end-user experience.We also perform all types of native, web and hybrid mobile apps testing including an optimized mobile test automation approach.

Our tactical mobile automation optimization approach has secured out maximum benefits to our clients at minimum affordable cost. Major Categories of Mobile testing Single Point Technologies follows are Mobile functional Testing, Mobile Performance Testing, Mobile Security Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Mobile accessibility Testing.

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