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Embrace the transformative force of Artificial Intelligence and witness its unparalleled potential as it propels your business to new heights, surpassing the limits of your competitors. Unleash the power of AI to revolutionize your operations, enhance decision-making, and seize unprecedented opportunities for growth. Step into a world where innovation and efficiency converge, enabling you to outperform, outshine, and outmaneuver, while paving the way for unparalleled success in the marketplace. Embrace the AI revolution and experience a surge of progress that will elevate your business to extraordinary levels.

Cloud Services 80%
Product Developement 75%
CMMI & ISO consulting Services 75%
IT Staffing 70%
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Our Services

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Business Analytics

Leverage real-time interactive dashboards and visualizations to effectively tackle intricate challenges and monitor progress. Through comprehensive data analysis, we enable precise, data-driven decision-making, empowering your business to thrive and overcome obstacles.

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Data Analytics

Unlock the immense business value of our data and analytics expertise, catering to software companies seeking to integrate data science into their products and enterprises striving to uncover actionable insights for data-driven decision-making. Our solutions empower you to harness the power of data and drive innovation, propelling your organization towards success.

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Predictive Analytics

By leveraging statistical techniques such as data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning, one can effectively analyze historical data, unveiling valuable insights and patterns. These powerful tools enable data-driven exploration, enabling informed decision-making and driving continuous improvement.

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Recommendation Engine

With expertise in developing "Content-Based Recommendation" and "Collaborative Recommendation Engine," we harness the power of historical data, user patterns, and behavior analysis to predict and deliver personalized recommendations. Through cutting-edge techniques, we empower businesses to enhance customer experiences, optimize engagement, and drive unprecedented success in the realm of personalized recommendations.

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Data Forecasting

Employing a range of forecasting approaches, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative models, we equip you with the tools to extract meaningful insights. By leveraging these techniques, we enable your organization to make informed decisions based on accurate predictions, paving the way for enhanced planning, proactive strategies, and sustainable growth.

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Natural Language Processing

Integrating machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced technologies, our NLP software solutions enable machines to comprehend human language effortlessly. With products like "ChatBot," we revolutionize customer interactions, fostering seamless communication and empowering businesses to deliver exceptional user experiences.

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Voice based AI

We facilitate the deployment of personalized voice-based assistants, catering to customer needs and ensuring continuous engagement. Our expertise enables the creation of tailored virtual assistants, enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining interactions, and driving meaningful connections with your audience.

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Machine Learning

At our core, we specialize in delivering advanced machine learning solutions that tackle critical business challenges. With our expertise, we empower you to make informed decisions through ML-driven applications, enabling data-driven insights and transforming the way you operate. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of machine learning and propel your business forward.

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Computer Vision

Empowering your company with cutting-edge technology, we offer robust solutions for precise pose estimation, image recognition, and visual search. Our team of computer vision experts excels in developing software that equips computers to acquire, process, analyze, and comprehend digital images or videos. Leverage our expertise to unlock the full potential of computer vision, revolutionizing how you interact with visual data and driving innovation across your organization.

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Tools & Methods

Google Cloud
Apache Spark
Scikit Learn
Machine Learning

Models Of Working

Our Engagement Models For Availing AI Development Services and Machine Learning

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  • Long term collaboration.
  • Highly scalable team.
  • Team ownership.
  • Dedicated working center.
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Time & Material

  • Short-medium term collaboration.
  • Low scalable team.
  • Detailed Specifications.
  • Clean deadliness.
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Fixed cost

  • Short-long term collaboration.
  • Felxible budget and timeframe.
  • Complete control over the process.
  • Highly scalable team.

Technology Stack

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services is to make your business better through technology.

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Product Developement

Our innovative ideas adds to your thoughts which becomes Product. Products which we develop cultivate, maintain and increase a company's market share by satisfying a consumer demand.

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Hybrid Developement

Single Point solutions helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development life-cycle through automation, open source, and licensed third party tools.

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BOT (Cloud Services)

Single Point solutions Quality Engineering Services provides a comprehensive approach to define and implement strategies that transform QA organizations and align them with business imperatives.

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CMMI & ISO Process

Single Point solutions offers a range of services that go beyond deployment, helping you plan, implement, and integrate your solutions efficiently, in a way that’s practical for your business.

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We at Single Point solutions Provide following Services.

  • E-Commerce Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Product web Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Hybride App Development

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